Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of loss of vision. Dr. Tekwani has been involved in many FDA trials that have resulted in the approval of several treatments for glaucoma.

What is it?

It is estimated that more than 2.2 million people are losing vision from glaucoma, and that 50% don’t even know it. Glaucoma is an eye disease of the optic nerve (the cable that transmits visual images we see to the brain). It most commonly occurs when pressure builds inside the eye. When the pressure is too high, it can damage the optic nerve. Optic nerve damage can result in the development of blind spots. Usually these blind spots go undetected until much irreversible damage has already occurred. The damage can result from one of several types of glaucoma, most commonly open angle glaucoma and narrow angle glaucoma. Each can cause loss of vision and requires immediate medical attention to prevent serious damage to the eye.

Signs and Symptoms

Glaucoma is often referred to as the “silent blinder,” because in the early stages oftentimes there are no symptoms and people do not experience pain or discomfort in the eye. However, through routine eye examinations with Dr. Tekwani, necessary diagnostic tests are routinely performed using the latest advanced technology to determine if you are at risk for the development of glaucoma. Those with glaucoma are monitored carefully to detect progression of the disease process.

Risk factors for glaucoma include:

  • • Age over 40
  • • High eye pressure or ocular hypertension
  • • Family History
  • Diabetes
  • • Nearsighted (myopic) or farsighted (hyperopic)
  • • Past eye injury


If treated early it is possible to slow or stop the progression of glaucoma. our surgeons uses the latest treatments available to help take care of glaucoma. Some of these treatments include:

  • • Medication
  • • Laser
  • • Laser Peripheral Iridotomy (for narrow angle glaucoma)
  • • Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
  • • Endocyclophotocoagulation (ECP)
  • • Surgery/ MIGS (Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery)
  • • Including : iStent Inject, Hydrus, Kahook and Omni, Trabex, Sion
  • • Xen Gel Stent