Optical Shop

Tekwani Vision Center’s Kennerly location is the home to our optical shop. Our Optician will provide personalized care to assist you with your eyeglass needs. Unlike many other optical shops, we work with a local lab. This allows us to offer quick turn-around times. When you visit our optical shop, yo can expect:

  • a wide selection of more than 600 frames
  • Full line of brand name contact lenses
  • A variety of frames in the latest styles and trends for men, women, and children
  • High quality, affordable frames
  • Sunglasses and reader glasses
  • Senior discount

Helpful hints/tips from your optician:

  • Always use 100% cotton to clean your eyewear.
  • Remember to have an adjustment or “ maintenance check” on your eyeglasses every three months. A good rule of thumb is to have your glasses checked every time you get an oil change for your vehicle.